Hi, I am Ilana Kuliesiene. I can't imagine my life without breeding, showing and training of dogs. My children Migle and Giedrius also are enjoying the "doggy life". We are living in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. Our house is situated in a very nice place on the edge of a city. Our dogs are spending a lot of time in the yard, also we like to walk with them in the woods.

 I have been extremely fond of all animals since early childhood. I was dreaming about a big and strong dog since I can remember myself. My dreams came true when I was 13 - I got an East European Ovcharka ("Soviet variant" of German sheepherd), a female Aura. Then I was involved with dog shows and training. Aura wasn't a top show-quality dog, but she did great in obedience training and various competitions. Several years latter I tried breeding and was captivated by a miracle of birth and growth of living creatures.
My children help me a lot with grooming, walking and show-training of my dogs. My daughter Migle goes to all the shows with me, and helps me a lot near the ring. Also she has some achievments in junior handling with our papillon Ksena. My son Giedrius isn't admiring dog shows, but he helps me a lot in raising of puppies.
Kennel "TAURAPILIS" ("the castle of aurochs") was registered in 1994, when I already had almost 10 years experience in breeding. Taurapilis started as a kennel of South Russian Ovcharka, and still is the best known because of them. My biggest achievments in breeding and showing are concerned with this marvellous breed. In 2000 I started breeding papillons and griffons, and in 2007 - phalenes. The beginning was not easy. I was the  first breeder of these breeds in Lithuania. I still am feeling new in the world of small dogs and must learn a lot.

I am lucky, because my hobby of showing and breeding allowed me to meet a lot of wonderful people all over the world, and many of them became my good friends. I am very thankful to all them for their support, advices, cooperation and hearty friendship.